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Ocat Services

Online Business Promotion

Ocat India offers Digital marketing service through Search Enginge Optimation of your website and Digital Marketing System(Ocat DMS). 

Digital Marketing through Search Engine Optimisation 

Ocat Digital marketing service will boost your website ranking. It will give more visibility in search results through Organic SeoOrganic Seo is the process of improving the visibility of the website using the unpaid methods.

Other than the Organic SEO, we use content marketing platform (Ocat DMS) to generate more Back links, Banner advertisements, Optimised web pages, Business Circle referral links, Social media referrals, Directory oriented pages and many more  techniques. Read more about our Search Engine Optimisation 

Digital marketing through Ocat Digital Marketing System

Ocat DMS is a cost-effective Digital marketing system for your business. Ocat DMS will generate more SEO optimised pages to achive proper back links. It will distribute banner advertisements and other content through Social media and other community-oriented websites.  Ocat DMS use various online channels like Search engines, Social media, Business directory, Content publishing system(Blog), Banner advertisement with Local news, Knowledge Base and Business circle.

Advantages of Ocat

Cloud-based system
Software as a service with a one-year subscription model
One year distribution
Includes in Organic search result
Online Banner advertisements
Distribution through Digital Marketing System(DMS)
Instant quote, Discount & Offer, Enquiry, Whatsapp  interface
Local area community wall to publish local news
It helps to achieve more visibility for  your website in Search engines


How it Works?

Ocat Digital Marketing System works in your business through following methods

Ocat Online Catalog

With the help of a DMS, we create a microsite and display your designed business firm's details as a catalogue.

Ocat Microsite

Web pages are created in the microsite with the business details and are distributed in search engines.

Ocat Online Advertisement

Moreover, Ocat Online Advertisement designs an advertisement in the DMS where this advertisement circulates among the community circle and other business websites.

Ocat Business Community Posts

You can always update the information about your business in Business Community Wall which helps in output results in the search engine as well as the trust and bonding in costumes.

Ocat Content Marketing

A significant thing about Digital Marketing is the preparation of Content. The resulting information of Business details bound with Content is then passed to Business Sites where search engine starts to give results.

Ocat Local News / Articles

Through your Ocat DMS you can now share your news or articles in the Ocat Community Platform. Each post is ended with a Banner Advertisement. These posts/articles can also be shared to other social media for further promotions.

Ocat Business Directory

To boost online advertising and lead generation, the best procedure is to list the details of your company in a Business Directory and promote it.

With Ocat System, you can list your Company with suitable categories tag to it and broadcast it. Furthermore,  the news published in the Community Wall can be displayed as the Business Promotion here.

Social Media  Marketing

You can always share your business ocat links in social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter by starting a business page which contains your adequate business details. In addition, you can also share previous uploads of local news in Community Wall through your facebook/twitter personnel account too.

Business Circle

Using Ocat Digital Marketing System, you can grow your own Online Referal Network. This service benefits the people who seek for Online Advertisement, Referal Links, Content Marketing, Online Reputation Management.

Ocat Digital Marketing does online marketing works through Dearch Engine Optimaisation and Digital mArketing System(Ocat DMS)

Quotation for Ocat Digital Marketing

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