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Posted On: 15/03/19 17:30
Steps involved in Ocat Digital Marketing Service



Ocat digital marketing is a cost-effective online marketing service which use search engines, social media and referral websites to promote a business for one year.

Business advertisements and Products/Services related information will be published in a systematic way through Business website, Online catalogue and Business Directories. Moreover, webpages will be created and optimized for Search engines. A Digital marketing system, Ocat DMS will be configured to perform online marketing activities in a systematic and cost-effective way.

1. Search engine optimization of your website
2. Digital Marketing system
3. Online catalogue/Landing page
4. Online Banner advertisement
5. Local SEO Keyword oriented Content Development under journal/microsite
6. Business-oriented News/articles
7. Business Directory Categories
8. Advt in the Business listing
9. Business Circle Development
10. Non-business related articles/news- Social media
11. Lead generation
12. Live report




1. Search engine optimization of your website

Business website will be analyzed and optimized for Search engines. We deliver the guidance for the content, Keywords/Phrases and Links to achieve more search engine ranking. We can achieve the required links to your website to get more popularity for search engines and visitors.

If there is no website for a business, your online catalogue which includes in digital marketing will act as your business website.




2. Digital Marketing system
A digital marketing system (DMS) is a method of centralized channel distribution used primarily by SaaS products. It combines a content management system (CMS) with syndication across the web, mobile, scannable surface, and social channels

We use Cloud-oriented and cost-effective Digital marketing System called Ocat DMS.


Ocat DMS Screenshots are given below 

DMS Screenshot - 1


DMS Screenshot - 2


DMS Screenshot - 3






3. Online catalogue/Landing page
Landing pages are designed with a single focused objective – known as a Call to Action. We make a unique design for a Landing page for online promotion of your business. With Online catalogue, you can reach new customers, build positive brand perceptions and reach wherever they are on the web. Online catalogue is suitable for all devices like Computers, Laptops and Mobile Phones.


Listed catalogues links are given below

Magnon India

British Photography

Bee jet Tours & Travels

Krypsto Adventures

Vavas Caterers

Daffodils - Garden Resort






4. Online Banner advertisement
An Online banner advertisement will be designed to promote your business. It will be loaded to your Digital Marketing System. Banner advertisement will be distributed through Business Directories, Published news/articles in Social media and different business circles.







5. Local SEO Keyword oriented Content Development under journal/microsite
Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an incredibly effective way to market your local business online. It helps businesses promote their products and services to local customers at the exact time they’re looking for them online.






6. Business-oriented News/articles
Publishing News/Articles (Blogs) are good for SEO because it helps with several things that are important ranking factors.

It helps you target long-tail keywords
It gives you opportunities for internal linking
It gives others sites more reasons to link back to your site
It helps you connect with your audience

Link : https://keralaocat.com/pages/Photographers-in-Kanhangad.aspx



View Link 





7. Business Directory Categories
We create suitable categories under our Business Directory to promote your products and services. Business directory pages are the best way to get local SEO. We publish your banner advertisements, Business listing in selected categories.

Link : https://magnonbangalore.ocat.in/community/ 





8. Advt in the Business listing
Placing your banner advertisement in the appropriate Business Directory listing is the perfect method to promote a brand.

 Link : https://keralaocat.com/pages/RK-Digital-Studio.aspx






9. Business Circle Development
Business circle is a part of your Digital marketing system to distribute your latest content, achieve backlinks and Banner advertisement through your personal business contacts.

 Link : https://aquanautics-pools.ocat.in/pages/Business-Circle-News.aspx







10. Nonbusiness related articles/news- Social media
It allows publishing local news or articles to the community wall with your banner advertisement and link. The posted articles link can be published on social media to get more reach.

Link : https://bengaluruocat.com/articles/7259.aspx






11. Lead generation
We enable the provision to view the number of visitors of your catalogues, Banner advertisements and Webpages from Live report section of your DMS. We do not consider the number of leads through phone calls. Other Lead generation techniques will be implemented through Live chat, Coupon / Discount voucher, Whatsapp, Instant Quote and Enquiry button


Link : https://aquanautics-pools.ocat.in/  






12. Live report
You will be able to view the live report from your Android app / Web-based portal. The following details will be available in live report

A. Number of catalogue visits(Count)
B. Number of posts created; You will be able to see the number of visitors in the post itself
C. Number of web pages created
D. Google sitemap link
E. Number of business circles connected
F. Number of business directory pages where banner advertisement published
G. List of Business enquiries
H. List of best Deal
I. Targetted keywords List is available in the DMS

Ocat DMS Account
All 11 steps will be performed by Ocat digital marketing team for one year. You will be able to give the instruction related to the content or you can manage the content through your Ocat DMS account.

Moreover, you can publish articles, news or business-related posts through your DMS account. Those links can be promoted through social media account by one click. DMS will add a Banner advertisement in all posts. All posts will be available in your business circles and business directory pages.

a. You can manage your Online catalogue and Banner advertisement
b. You can create/manage your web pages in Online catalogue
c. You will be able to publish articles / Business related news in your Catalogue wall
d. You can access public portal in DMS to publish your local news / Articles
e. You can view the Live report of Ocat Digital Marketing Service
f. Support section of your DMS provide the updates from the Digital Marketing team
g. You will be able to give the instructions/comments to Ocat Digital Marketing team through DMS Comment or Live chat or Whatsapp



Quotation for Ocat Digital Marketing


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